Technical Writing

Technical Writing Put simply, at MountainWorks we love to craft a good story. And a good, honest, heartfelt story is critical, because effective communication through the written word remains a key element of science, technology, and business success.

The MountainWorks team has a long history of successful technical writing and editing. The principals at MountainWorks have written successful grant proposals in many technical fields totaling to millions of dollars; edited books in the health, chemistry, and natural sciences fields; helped author an Environmental Impact Statement for a Fortune 100 company; and written numerous reports associated with science and engineering workshops (see, for example, archived meeting reports for the Interagency Bison Management Plan or the Steering Committee of the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative ). While not a core goal, over the years MountainWorks has also published articles in numerous technical journals.

Non-techy Writing, too!

Bischke_books Our love of story is expressed in non-technical arenas, as well. Scott Bischke is an award winning writer with four acclaimed popular press books. All draw deeply from the work he has done over a lifetime. He believes that good story, crafted well, has the power to change the world. Such is the thesis of his climate change allegory, FISH TANK: A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES. The book has been endorsed by Nobel Laureate from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, was used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's Climate Stewards Education program, was recommended reading for the Univerity of Queensland's 10,000 student massively organized online class (MOOC), and much more. Details on all of Scott's popular press books can be found at his author's website.