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Simple to use, all inclusive, no connection needed--your all-in-one guide to fishing in Montana!

  • Fishing in Montana this year just got a whole lot easier thanks to MONTANA FISHING!
  • Every Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (MFWP) fishing access site and campground is shown! Forest Service and BLM sites also highlighted!
  • Provides information critical to fishermen, including river and lake access points, plus shuttle services and fishing shops near where you plan to fish and more!
  • MONTANA FISHING links fishermen to every USGS river gauging station in the state, making critical flow and temperature data available at the user’s fingertips!
  • Provides the full set of Montana fishing regulations, as well as dates of MFWP stocking activities, including the size and number of fish stocked!
  • No WiFi or cellular connection needed to use MONTANA FISHING! Why? Because fishing in our state often means being on the water, in wild country, with the nearest cellular (much less WiFi) service 3 counties away. So almost every aspect* of Montana Fishing works regardless if the nearest cell tower is 3 counties away. (*with a single exception--only looking at real-time USGS stream flow data requires connectivity).
  • No separate map purchase required, nor do you need to download maps before you go! Boundaries for public and private lands shown. App is fully interactive and works with the smart phone’s GPS. Fishermen simply open the app and zoom to their current location. That makes finding stream, lake, or river access points simple, as is panning around to decide where to head next. Change your mind at the last moment? Doesn't matter, it's all here in the app!
  • Highly intuitive—We want you to spend your time fishing, not learning how to use our app!
  • Click for downloadable press release!
  • Available for both iOS and Android--just click!       

Simple steps for using MONTANA FISHING

Sidebar menu

A state-wide look

Arranged by MFWP's 7 regions -- just pick one, plus the info you want and go!

Region map

Select your background map

In the top left corner choose the type backdrop map you prefer: shaded-relief or Google Earth.

Zoom like Google Maps

Zoom to your area of interest

Tap to find your current location, or pinch/zoom or pan to explore areas where you might want to fish.

A bounty of info!

Get in-depth fishing info!

Tap icons to find USGS water temps and flow rates, MFWP fish stocking records, and more!

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