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Simple to use, all inclusive, no connection needed--your all-in-one guide to identifying fishes in Montana!

  • Fishing in Montana this year just got more interesting thanks to FISHES OF MONTANA!
  • Montana State University Department of Ecology, USGS, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks have combined forces to produce the most up-to-date montana fish species information available!
  • FISHES OF MONTANA gives fishermen the ability to identify each of the 100 species (90 of which are native) in the state!
  • Provides information critical to preventing Aquatic Invasive Species from entering our state's waterways!
  • Each species includes a full set of images, range map, preferred habitat, size, appearance, food habits, and similar species!
  • No WiFi or cellular connection needed to use FISHES OF MONTANA! Why? Because fishing and exploring in our state often means being on the water, in wild country, with the nearest cellular service (much less WiFi) 3 counties away. So almost every aspect* of FISHES OF MONTANA works regardless if the nearest cell tower is 3 counties away. (*the single exception is if you tap links to websites that are not core to the app)
  • Highly intuitive—We want you to spend your time enjoying the outdoors, not learning how to use our app!
  • Click for downloadable press release!
  • Available on iOS & Android--just click!       

Simple steps for using FISHES OF MONTANA

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Welcome — let's identify a fish!

Fishes of Montana tells you everything you want to know in a single, easy-to-use location.

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Many methods for identification

Start here to follow your desired path to find the fish you're interested in.

Characteristic search

Search by characteristics...

...including by location, or by characteristics of fins, mouth, body, scales, and more!

Species image

Find your fish species

And we provide photographs and range maps.

Text description

Tap to learn more

We also provide narrative descriptions of preferred habitat, life history, preferred foods, and more.

Species lish

Search the list and mark favorites!

Search by common or scientific name, plus mark your own favorites for later review regardless of how you arrive at the species' ID.

Dichotomous key

Do it the old fashioned way!

We provide a full dichotomous key to allow a stepwise, textual search for fishes. And starting at the end with any species, we can tell you what steps in the dichotomous key would get you there.


  • New app answers, "What fish is that?"
    --Montana Outdoors (May-Jun, 2020)
    Most anglers can identify more than a handful of the 90 fish species swimming in Montana ... ( read more )
  • FISHES OF MONTANA app brings field guide to mobile devices
    --Montana State University News Service (Jun 19, 2019)
    BOZEMAN ­— If you were to catch a lake trout or a bull trout in Montana waters, would you know which is which? A new app may be able to help. ... ( read more )
  • FISHES OF MONTANA app to launch next month
    --Bozeman Chronicle (May 31, 2019)
    There are more than 90 species of fish in Montana, and it can be hard to keep them all straight. Soon, there will be an app for that. “Fishes of Montana,” a free app that will help people identify different fish species, will launch this June. It will include fish that live in the state and some that don’t that state officials don’t want here.... ( read more )

Watch for other MountainWorks Mobile Apps coming soon!

We are in various development stages for several more exciting new apps for iOS and Android. STAY TUNED!!