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Simple to use, all inclusive, no connection needed--your all-in-one guide to hunting in Montana!

  • Press Release!
  • Includes every document for every Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Block Management Area (BMA) in the state of Montana!
  • You do not need to be connected via WiFi or cellular to use MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016!
  • Boundaries provided for every Montana BMA, as well as all public and private lands, are included. The app works with your mobile device's GPS and a beautiful mapping interface so you can pinpoint yourself relative to land ownership boundaries.
  • Highly intuitive—We want you to spend your time hunting, not learning how to use our app.
  • Available for both iOS and Android--just click!       

Simple steps for using MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016

Home screen

Welcome--let's go hunting!

MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016 provides everything you need to hunt in Montana.

Sidebar menu

Select your hunting region

Swipe left side at any time to select which of MFWP's seven regions you want to search.

BMAs from one region

Show BMAs from one region

We show you every BMA in your region of choice with Types 1 and 2 color coded.

select BMA

Select desired BMA

Zoom in to find your desired BMA (or public land area). Touch to access the BMA pdf or directions.

zoom BMA

Access BMA docs in the field!

Touch again to access the BMA pdf (yes the same one you find at MFWP offices!) or directions to the BMA.

Review BMA info

Get critical info!

Review the BMA document for landowner contact info &/or sign in box location--right there on your phone!--so you can get permission.

Select map

Select base map

You can select your base map style or let the app do so automatically (and we do so when you are in the field & offline).

zoom BMA

Know where you are!

Go hunting! In the field use the app & your phone's GPS to assure you're still in the BMA or on public land.


  • We designed our app to work offline.—We know that you’ll be out in the field when you’re hunting (well duh!). In Montana that most often means you won’t have cellular service, much less WiFi. So MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016 works regardless if the nearest cell tower is two counties away. Everything you need comes with the app. Just download it and go hunting; we’ve taken care of the rest.
  • We understand the critical information you need.—The single biggest issue for Montana hunters is knowing where you can and cannot hunt. We are laser focused on providing you the most up to date information on public and private land boundaries, as well as private lands that are included in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Block Management Area (MFWP BMA) program. MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016 allows you to use the GPS on your phone or mobile device to see exactly where you’re standing relative to the nearest private/BMA/public property boundary. And we provide every single BMA document associated with all of the state’s 800+ BMAs (yes that means right there on your phone!). Those documents show you, among many things, the location of those illusive sign-in boxes. And of course we provide topographic information for those times when your question is the simplest of all: “Where the heck am I?!”
  • We don’t want to nickel & dime you or complicate your life.—Don’t you hate it when apps ask you to buy something else? Didn’t we just buy the app for goodness sakes?! And we surely don’t want to complicate matters by making you decide which of dozens of possible maps you need to buy. That is a nice option for a cartographer, but for most of us it’s just plain confusing. All those options leave us wondering which map do I buy?; What’s the difference between them?; Am I going to waste money when I realize I purchased a map I didn’t really want? When you buy MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016, we include what you need for this year’s hunting in Montana—no separate purchases required or requested.
  • And so much more!—We include the ability for you to (a) search for BMAs based on names, (b) save your favorite BMAs and share that list with hunting pals (and if so we're guessing they're really good hunting pals!), (c) the full set of MFWP hunting regulations, and (d) don't forget that with a full set of cadastral information on public/private land boundaries, MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016 is perfect for hunting not just BMAs, but all Montana public lands as well!
  • Available for both iOS and Android--just click!       

Watch for other MountainWorks Mobile Apps coming soon!


We are in various development stages for several more exciting new apps for iOS and Android. STAY TUNED!!

High Country Apps--A MountainWorks Subsidiary

HCA logo

High Country Apps (HCA) is dedicated to developing mobileapplications that deliver high quality natural history information with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. We are proud the HCA is a partially owned subsidiary of MountainWorks, with MountainWorks lead developer Katie Gibson also the lead developer at HCA.

High Country App's goal is to enable discovery! HCA presents information in simple, non-technical language that will delight and empower the rank amateur who loves the outdoors and wants to learn more. Yet HCA is also meticulous about creating scientifically accurate apps, thus making them excellent tools for serious biologists. To accomplish this goal, HCA actively partners with expert botanists and photographers in each region to provide the highest quality information available in its mobile field guides.

The suite of apps available from High Country Apps are highlighted below. Click any of the apps to go to its product page on the HCA website. Or clicke here for more about High Country Apps!

Colorado Wildflowers

A guide to 520 wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, and trees of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Author: Al Schneider. In support of The Nature Conservancy - Colorado Chapter. ($9.99)

Glacier Wildflowers

A guide to over 300 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees of Glacier and Waterton National Parks. Author: Shannon Kimball. In partnership with Glacier National Park Conservancy. ($7.99)

Idaho Wildflowers

A guide to over 800 wildflowers, shrubs, and vines of Idaho. Partner: University of Washington, Burke Museum in collaboration with University of Idaho Stillinger Herbarium and Idaho State University Herbarium. ($7.99)

Montana Grasses

A guide to over 100 common grasses of cropland, pasture, and range in Montana and the West. Partner: Montana State University, College of Agriculture. In support of Montana Native Plant Society. ($4.99)

Oregon Wildflowers

A guide to over 900 wildflowers, shrubs, and vines of Oregon. Partner: Oregon Flora Project, Botany & Plant Pathology Department at Oregon State University. ($7.99)

Flora of Texas: Fort Worth Prairie

A guide to over 300 wildflowers, vines, and grasses of the Fort Worth Prairie. Partner: Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT). ($7.99)

Flora of the Wasatch

A guide to 350 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees of Utah's Wasatch region. Author: Steve Hegji. In support of The Nature Conservancy - Utah Chapter. ($7.99)

Washington Wildflowers

A guide to over 1000 wildflowers, shrubs, and vines of Washington. Partners: Herbarium at University of Washington, Burke Museum, Mark Turner, and Phyllis Gustafson. ($9.99)

Flora of Yellowstone

A guide to over 400 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees of the Yellowstone region. Author: Whitney Tilt. In partnership with Yellowstone Park Foundation. ($7.99)

Yosemite Wildflowers

A guide to over 550 wildflowers, shrubs, and trees of Yosemite National Park. Authors: Barry and Judy Breckling. In partnership with Yosemite Conservancy. ($7.99)

Yellowstone Outdoors

A guide to the outdoor attractions, activities, and services of the Yellowstone region. Author: Whitney Tilt. In partnership with Yellowstone Park Foundation and Gateway Businesses for the Park. (Free!)

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