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Simple to use, all inclusive, no connection needed — your all-in-one guide to hunting in Montana!

  • Includes every document for every Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Block Management Area (BMA) in the state of Montana!
  • No connections required (cellular or WiFi) to use MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2020!
  • Boundaries provided for every Montana BMA, as well as all public and private lands, are included. The app works with your mobile device's GPS and a beautiful mapping interface so you can pinpoint yourself relative to land ownership boundaries.
  • Highly intuitive — We want you to spend your time hunting, not learning how to use our app.
  • Click for downloadable press release!
  • Available on iOS & Android--just click!

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Simple steps for using MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS

Home screen

Welcome — let's go hunting!

Montana Hunting Access provides everything you need to hunt in Montana.

Sidebar menu

Select your hunting region

Swipe left side at any time to select which of MFWP's seven regions you want to search.

BMAs from one region

Show BMAs from one region

We show you every BMA in your region of choice with Types 1 and 2 color coded.

select BMA

Select desired BMA

Zoom in to find your desired BMA (or public land area). Touch to access the BMA pdf or directions.

zoom BMA

Access BMA docs in the field!

Touch again to access the BMA pdf (yes the same one you find at MFWP offices!) or directions to the BMA.

Review BMA info

Get critical info!

Review the BMA document for landowner contact info &/or sign in box location--right there on your phone!--so you can get permission.

Select map

Select base map

You can select your base map style or let the app do so automatically (and we do so when you are in the field & offline).

zoom BMA

Know where you are!

Go hunting! In the field use the app & your phone's GPS to assure you're still in the BMA or on public land.

Montana Hunting Access features

  • We designed our app to work offline.—We know that you’ll be out in the field when you’re hunting (well duh!). In Montana that most often means you won’t have cellular service, much less WiFi. So MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS works regardless if the nearest cell tower is two counties away. Everything you need comes with the app. Just download it and go hunting; we’ve taken care of the rest.
  • We understand the critical information you need.—The single biggest issue for Montana hunters is knowing where you can and cannot hunt. We are laser focused on providing you the most up to date information on public and private land boundaries, as well as private lands that are included in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Block Management Area (MFWP BMA) program. MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS allows you to use the GPS on your phone or mobile device to see exactly where you’re standing relative to the nearest private/BMA/public property boundary. And we provide every single BMA document associated with all of the state’s 800+ BMAs (yes that means right there on your phone!). Those documents show you, among many things, the location of those illusive sign-in boxes. And of course we provide topographic information for those times when your question is the simplest of all: “Where the heck am I?!”
  • We don’t want to nickel & dime you or complicate your life.—Don’t you hate it when apps ask you to buy something else? Didn’t we just buy the app for goodness sakes?! And we surely don’t want to complicate matters by making you decide which of dozens of possible maps you need to buy. That is a nice option for a cartographer, but for most of us it’s just plain confusing. All those options leave us wondering which map do I buy?; What’s the difference between them?; Am I going to waste money when I realize I purchased a map I didn’t really want? When you buy MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS, we include what you need for this year’s hunting in Montana—no separate purchases required or requested.
  • And so much more!—We include the ability for you to (a) search for BMAs based on names, (b) save your favorite BMAs and share that list with hunting pals (and if so we're guessing they're really good hunting pals!), (c) the full set of MFWP hunting regulations, and (d) don't forget that with a full set of cadastral information on public/private land boundaries, MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS is perfect for hunting not just BMAs, but all Montana public lands as well!
  • Available on iOS & Android--just click!       

Press Reviews

note: year portion of app name changes each year

    -- GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE (by Jessica Gray; Nov 16, 2016)
        Montana Hunting Access 2016: This is an excellent resources for access information on Montana’s Block Management Areas, or BMAs. It contains information on every BMA across the state, with the map and BMA rules right at your fingertips. By using your phone’s GPS, you can locate nearby hunting land, whether it be public or private it allows you to see where you are in relation to the property boundaries. There is also a link to the Montana Hunting Regulations. It even works offline, so no need to worry about wifi or cell service. The cost is $9.99 for both IOS and Android and in my opinion is well worth the cost to have the info at your fingertips.

  • MONTANA HUNTING ACCESS 2016—MountainWorks
    -- OUTSIDE BOZEMAN (by Chris McCarthy; Oct 2016)
        It’s happened to me a couple times: I do all the planning for a morning hunt on the dining room table and, when I head out, I leave my BMA maps behind. Now I’m stuck searching for a block management area to hunt and I'm unable to locate the sign-in box. Luckily, this scenario has happened to other hunters who are a lot smarter than me, so they developed an app called the Montana Hunting Access 2016. This great app features all the BMAs in Montana by region and type. With your cellphone you can find the area you are searching for, download the rules/regulations page, the area map, and get directions to the sign-in boxes. All the information is located on your phone, so even if you are out of cellphone coverage the info is still right at your fingertips. Plus the boundaries are provided so you’ll know exactly where you are using your phone's GPS. The best part: it’s only $10 for the year. Visit for more information.

    -- BILLINGS GAZETTE (by Brett French; Sep 11, 2016)
        Frustrated by his inability to find a Block Management Area sign-in box, Bozeman hunter Scott Bischke fumed that there had to be a better way.
        Luckily at his Bozeman office he sits next to a talented computer programmer, Katie Gibson, who also happens to be his wife. After accompanying him on a hunt for a BMA she quickly realized why he had been so aggravated.
        “It was like a lightbulb went on,” Bischke said.
        “Oh, I totally get what’s going on here now,” Gibson told him."
    * Building It*
        So two years ago Gibson began building a rough app for Bischke’s cellphone to “figure out what the challenges were." Once some of the kinks were worked out of the programming, ... [read more]

    -- BIG HORN RADIO NETWORK (Sep 12, 2016)
        A Montana couple built an app that maps Montana Block Management Areas. A Black Management Area is a program in which Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks pay private landowners a fee to allow public hunting. The couple began building the app two years ago... [read more]

User Reviews

  • 5 star (*****) "Great resource! I travel the state for work and this helps when trying to find bird hunting areas and regulations! A must for any Montana hunter. Worth the money and Thank You!."
    -- Lee David (Jun 6, 2020)
  • 5 star (*****) "this app rocks. saves time lots of time. very very helpful."
    -- Stacey Ronquillo (Feb 27, 2019)
  • 5 star (*****) "Perfect for Montana BMA, better than the hard copy stuff, much easier to use. Off line access is wonderful as is are the maps that can track your position in real time. Used this app for 10 days it never let us down."
    -- Bob Wheelock (Sep 20, 2018)
  • 5 star (*****) "Very impressive. Haven't used it in the field yet, but have played with it at home (exploring). Easy to use, contains all the info you need, and the GPS function will be great when on the BMAs. A good investment. I have another hunting GPS app, but I have to download my maps before I head out. This one is ready to go, any time."
    -- Don Cox (Sep 14, 2016)
  • 5 star (*****) "Great app. Easy to use, update was very easy. Excellent customer service, they got back to me very fast!"
    -- Lee Anderson (Aug 23, 2018)
  • 4 star (****) "The fact that no cell or wifi service is necessary is incredible. Finally a hunting app that can be used where we need to use it. This is a great tool for anyone who uses technology to help expand their hunting enjoyment. I am looking forward to additional information added to the app. Well worth the money."
    -- MontanaLifer (Dec 5, 2015)
  • 5 star (*****) "Wonderful! Prefect app. Well worth the $5 [2015 price]. Makes it easy to know where you are in relation to legal land."
    -- Dylan Edmunds (Oct 27, 2015)

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